Friday, 4 September 2009

Day 30: A bit of everything

So I got up had breakfast, cycled for an hour then did martial arts for a few hours, cycled home for an hour, got in the house and did the Chalene circuit 2 dvd. It was a full on day for me and I am really weary now but my mood is very good. We did throws and ground techniques today which I always enjoy. There is no other feeling like controlling your opponent and rendering him/her helpless.

I feel like I've woken from a long sleep of doing no martial arts. I started when I was 13 doing Karate and dabbled in others, such as Aikido, Kendo, Ju-jutsu, boxing and wrestling. I haven't done anything for over 5 years and am now wondering why the hell not because it is in my blood to do this. I am going to find a judo or ju-jutsu dojo and work my way up to a high level before I get to 40 - That's one of my goals. I think doing Beachbody has been instrumental in waking my mind and body up to other possibilities. I feel very strong and fit now. I noticed that I tire little doing the training today and always have a bounce in my movements compared to the other guys.

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