Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Day 27: Tabata with Recharge

Wow did I have a kick-ass workout after I got home. I did 3 sets of Tabata intervals. The first was the same as last week, squat medicine ball throw, then I did punches and knees for the next. The thing is, I really wanted to try push ups but knew that I'd never get through the entire 8 sets so I did them on my knees like a girl. There I've been brave enough to say it. You are probably laughing and thinking that it's easy, I know I did at the start. In fact, it was really difficult even on my knees and I have total respect for anyone who can do a full push up during a high intensity Tabata workout. I started with 24 push ups and thought "wow, this is gonna be too easy" but I tell you, by the time I got to the last set I was gassing so bad and barely managed to do 10. It was very humbling.

Anyway, since I have finished the first phase of Chalene I decided to take some pics. I'm not much of a photographer and my wife was busy cooking so I apologize for the quality but here is one of them. tada.

I must admit I was pumped after the Tabata workout. Looks like my abs are starting to appear which Im happy about. I seem to be slowly shrinking and my serratus muscles (the ones on the sides under the armpits) are making an appearance. I still have some stubborn fat around my navel which I know will only probably shift during Insanity.

And another with different lighting. Mr Serious face!

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