Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Day 26: Burn it off

I've now finished the first phase (Burn) of Chalene Extreme. Next is Push which I start on Thursday. I took a sneak peek at the workout and was unimpressed to see they are very similar. Stress on the booty, triceps and thighs - all areas that women want to reduce. There has not been enough chest workout or bicep workout so far so I can only conclude that her workouts are 70% catered to women. I understand this - that's fine. I sort of enjoy doing something different.

I saw the new 1-on-1 Tony workout last night. I have to admit, he motivates me more because I can empathize with him more as a man. He also does many of the exercises intensely which motivates me to work harder. I'll stick with Chalene for the Push and Lean phase (2 months), see where it takes me and then go onto Insanity. Where I really see myself this time next year though, is going to the gym to do squats, 1-on-1 Tony at home and going to a grappling/martial arts club.

I've been monitoring my diet everyday on Fitday. I take it more carbs than I really want to eat but the figures look like this on average over the last 4 weeks:

Calories 2052
Fat 86.7 g
Carbs 190 g
Protein 139 g

As for supplements, here is a list of the things I use:

Flax oil and DHA (for omega-3 fats, also has helped my memory and clarity of thought)
Multivitamins (needed to replace lost vitamins due to exercise)
Zinc (to increase testosterone and improve sleep quality, wish I could get ZMA locally)
Creatine (helps volumize muscle and may improve strength)
Amino acids (during every workout, helps build muscle along with high protein intake)
Green tea with lemon (anti-carcinogenic properties, see Catechins)

Things I might consider taking:
Glutamine (a non-essential amino acid that may help recovery and promote protein synthesis, aids memory, improves gastro-intestinal function).
ZMA (promotes male hormone, especially needed by me because Im past 30)

Here is a great snack to eat before going to bed, it tastes like chocolate mousse and it's great for those dieting.

100 g of sugar-free yoghurt
50 g of smooth cottage cheese
20 g (1 scoop) of protein powder
10 g Walnuts

Mix the yoghurt and cheese together. Make sure you buy a cottage cheese that is smooth and not too cheesy in taste. The one I get looks like hardened cream. Get all the lumps out and add the protein powder (chocolate is best). Add walnuts to add a bit of crunch.

Calories 252
Fat 13.4 g
Carbs 9.7 g
Protein 24 g

If you eat this at night, use a Casein-based protein, because it will absorb slowly and stop your muscles from catabolizing during the night as you sleep. I love this stuff-it tastes great!

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