Saturday, 29 August 2009

Day 24: Cardio

Tip of the day: Check your heart rate every morning after you wake up. If you are tired one day and your pulse is higher than normal, it probably means you have overtrained.

Really hard to get up this morning. My body is aching and I have a huge bruise on my arm from blocking. I didn't feel like working out at first, which is a sign of over-training. Anyway, I got up did a quick yoga stretch (salutation to the sun) and got down to it. 5 mins into the workout I totally forgot any discomfort or migivings I had about training. I used a smaller weight at the beginning and kept it constant. I bust out a lot more sumo burpees today as I felt strong. I think my body is used to Burn Intervals now. Strangely, I don't do so well on the abs. After coming from P90X abs ripper to this it should be no problem for me but I fatigue fast on the Chalene Abs. I can only guess its because I dont do abs more than once a week. I may have to start doing more. Used the 10 kg medicine ball for the abs and it was perfect. They really are a great piece of equipment.

Had a kangaroo burger in the evening with some BBQ sauce I bought from the Meat Guy. Really tasted great. Glad I bought some more. Need to buy some protein and DHA supplements tomorrow though.

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