Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Day 83 - kenpo X plus

I think the Kenpo plus is so much better than the P90X version, that's why I've substituted it. The old one is boring for me now and my pulse seems to rest around 110 with it. Sure I burn a lot of calories (around 500) but the plus is fast and moving, it is basically more fun - and that's the most important thing. The weather cooled dramatically last night and allowed me to push it hard. Had a really good workout and felt great afterwards. I felt really stiff after Legs and Back yesterday and kicking and moving was just the thing to loosen up.

Only 1 week to complete the 90 days. I'll kick back for a month to let the weather cool down and do a few Tony 1-on-1 workouts then go do Chalene Extreme. I've been looking at the new Insanity workout and the packaging looks so cool. My mouth almost watered at the thought of having it in my collection. But that will have to wait until the start of next year. I'd prefer to do it at the end of winter so that I don't bathe my floor in sweat - not too much anyway.

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