Saturday, 25 July 2009

Day 87

Did Cardio X today in place of Kempo X. Yesterday I did Core Synergistics. Both workouts were, well, fairly easy for me now. The prison pushups and the chatarunga runs are the only things that challenge me, but even then, I was able to keep up. Cardio X today felt like a workout. On both days I did the Dreya rolls and added jumps at the end. Because of Plyo I feel really boucy, like I'm on springs and I don't seem to get tired at all.

I sent an email to beachbody today to see if I can get them to ship Insanity out to me here in Japan. Waiting for a quote on shipping. If it's a reasonable price, I'll buy it and maybe some recovery formula with it.

I really feel strong and fit now. My body fat isn't as low as I would like it but I could run rings around any 37 year old father in my same situation. I'm not really enjoying the workouts right now to be honest. I feel things are winding down. I took a nap today, woke up and then did Cardio. Once I get doing it, its fine, but thinking about doing the workouts tires me out :)
Only a few days to go then I can relax for a few. Hopefully, my enthusiasm will bounce back for the next 90 (or Insanity 60) days.

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