Monday, 20 July 2009

Day 82 - last AbRipperX

Today was the last of the weight training workouts. Legs and Back went really well and I worked my ass off. The final and total pull ups for the last workout was du..du..du...86! Just over double the amount I did at the start. Because it was the last ab ripper workout I decide to do it exactly as in the DVD, just me Tony's voice and the sweat - at the exact same time. I did 'em all. Killed it. Totally wiped the floor with it. Yes, it is still hard and I hate it, but I have improved doing abs (something I really dont enjoy).

I had a bit of a surprise and a revelation last night. I went to a friend's wedding party and was picked to enter a sort of arm wrestling contest. There were four of us who had to go against each other, the winner got a chance to win a prize. Not just that, though, the other people watching had to vote on who they thought would win by giving their name to that contender. I was shocked that so many believed that I would win and gave me their vote. The pressure was on. I took the other contenders on and beat them easily. Some of them run and jog or whatever but hardly strength training - hardly a P90X grad! I won really easily -emphasize on easy- Afterwards I wondered why I doubted myself. I've reached a stage of extreme fitness but my mind hasn't caught up. That was the revelation.

Doing P90X gives you the body, the strength, the lungs, the heart to beat other people in any physical contest. I'm so glad I got back into doing Beachbody workouts.

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