Thursday, 16 July 2009

Day 77

I slept with the air conditioner on for the first time last night. The humidity is nearly unbearable in the daytime but at night it wakes me up when sweat trickles along my neck. I had a few things to do this morning so I delayed my Chest, shoulder and tri workout until 2pm. It was good doing it later because I was awake and energized. Pushed hard on all exercises and felt good.

I think my body fat has went down a little because I can see veins on the front of my forearms now where I never could before. My face has hollowed out a little too. The wife looked at me after the workout today and said that I definately have thinned on my waist. It's a cruel point for me because I have found it hard to shift fat from my abs. I am just determined to do the next workout (probably Chalene Extreme) and get the job completed. The diet hasn't been fantastic. Nowhere near as strict as the first month. I've refrained from eating crap but Im still not getting enough veg or fruit even though I love eating both.

I'm going to try eating more fat in my diet and lower carbs. With that in mind, I ordered 500g of lard which apparently comes from Spanish pigs which are fed acorns. I used to eat chips fried in lard as a kid then Common Wisdom told us it was bad for the heart and to eat sunflower oil. Turns out those type of oils are bad for us now. They contain too many omega 6 fats that create cardiovascular diseases. Anything manmade is basically bad. I'm sticking to olive oil, canola and lard now. Can't wait to try brocolli and brussel sprouts fried in lard.

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