Monday, 13 July 2009

Day 75

There were two voices in my head at 5:40 this morning. One of them was telling me to relax and stay in bed for an extra hour, the other was telling me to get my arse out of bed and do legs and back. So after a few minutes groaning on my futon, I got up, blearly-eyed and hunched over, washed my face at the sink and got ready for legs and back. I pushed hard on the pull ups and busted out 1 more rep for each set that I did last time. I think that makes it about 79 pull ups in total.

Probably because of that, my lower back was quite tight and painful today. I kept squirming around in my chair at work to get comfortable. I decided to go get a massage at Taiseikan. This is my 3rd visit and it was probably the best. A young 23 year old girl called Okabe-san gave me a work-over. I told her my back hurt and my calves and she got to work. I was surprised how sore my lats and the soles of my feet were, too. After it I felt great. I think it is so important to get a massage during a workout like P90X. It feels like a treat for all the hard work I've put in and it helps my recovery a lot.

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