Saturday, 18 July 2009

Day 80

One of the signs of over-exercising is your brain telling you that it doesn't want to exercise. Mine was doing just that today. The combination of the really hot weather and the continuous 80 days of exercise are starting to take their toll on me. All the workouts in this last week, I've wanted to skip. I keep it up but I can't say I'm enjoying it - no where near the enthusiasm I had at the start. I still push play and increase reps, just I'm not having fun because I'm sweating buckets and developing a rash because of the damn layers of sweat I generate. I enjoy being fit and strong though. It's what life is about. No way am I gonna be a dithering old guy who youngsters laugh at. I'm gonna be the old guy who challenges them to push ups and win.

I can't wait until I get a 2-4 week break from P90X, do something moderate then continue with Chalene Extreme. That's my plan. August is still hot here so I may begin again in September. That will give me until December to build on what I have. I must admit, I am much stronger now. I use 12.5 kg dumbells for most of the workouts. When I first started P90 a few years ago I remember struggling with 5 kg - lol! I'm looking forward to trying some Tony 1-on-1 stuff for a while then getting back into it.

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