Saturday, 11 July 2009

Day 73

Shoulders and Arm - one of my favourite workout and it shows. I can do more than the folks on the DVD easily and with more weight. Today I used 12.5kg for all exercises. Holding that much weight for static arm curls is tough but I did it. I was full of energy all the way through the workout and didn't feel tired even at the end. Abs was tiring, it never gets easier really even when you can do all the moves. I never look forward to it.

Just a few thoughts on Insanity that I did yesterday. I would buy the set when it came out and try doing it. I'm not saying it would be easy but I'd give it a go. The music was great, really made you go for it. Shaun T seemed a decent instructor, young and lively, with a kind of homeboy feel to it, "Come on, get on it," "Work it!" kind of feel. The presentation of the video looked good, bright and wide camera angles. But what the hell is the timer in the left side corner? I dunno what it was counting down for. The workout was incredibly intense with heart-attack inducing routines. It definately isn't for beginners and even intermediate athletes perhaps. I dont even know if going fron P90X to Insanity is a good thing - they are very different forms of exercise. P90X is basically a weight training course with some cardio but certainly not intense cardio. Whereas Insanity seems like it is a heavy cardio, high-heart-rate workout. P90X grads may have a lot of muscular strength, especially upper body, but Insanity will train the heart and lungs more than P90X I think. It will also build cardiovascular endurance and V02 max more. I can see P90X is for people who want to build muscle where Insanity is for people who have a strong build but need to shred it down so the skin is a millimeter thick.

I hope it comes out soon. Summer 2009 is already past ffs!

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