Wednesday, 21 December 2016

On The Mat Day 788: Working Butterfly Guard into my Game

Today was some beautiful weather. It really felt like a cool warm autumn day rather than being on the doorstep to Christmas. I cycled to the club and was pleasantly surprised to see quite a lot of people had turned up. My neck actually felt good enough to roll more times than I usually do. This is despite lots of DIY and sanding while looking down at an angle yesterday so that my neck hurt terribly by the end of the day.

I have a routine now for fixing my posture and working out my neck. It involves stretch bands, lacrosse balls and a myofascial release roller. I think it's helping, particularly working on maintaining good posture seems to be key. I may post a routine for the neck once I get it refined.

See video below for today's rolling. I'm the handsome devil in the black Tatami gi.

After studying the video. Here are some things I need to do:
1. When in sitting guard, do not allow my back to be flattened to the mat. Work with a lapel and scoot away to the side if they pressure with the knee.
2. Since I want to learn butterfly guard I should work on smooth movement from closed guard to enter butterfly guard.
3. When in top side control I should do a step over to the back side instead of trying to flatten them out.
4. Work on better transition from mount cross choke to armbar. I was very slow with my legs. Lean more to the side for a lighter leg.
5. Be careful which arms I use to finish the calf crusher in the truck position.

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