Friday, 25 March 2016

On the Mat Day 734: Teaching Back Escapes

I really enjoy teaching escapes since we have a lot of white belts at our club right now. It's something I wanted to do more when I first started along with specific sparring so I want to give the new guys more tools to survive.

I had everyone drill RNC, collar choke and armbar from the back just to warm up then I taught some escapes. These were:
1. Look for crossed legs and submit with an ankle lock (more of a reminder about this than an escape)
2. Sliding down escape (listed in BJJ University page 53)
3. Double hand (like holding a baseball bat) grip on one arm before they get a grip and lock it then hip switch out. (see video below)
4. Brandon Mullins escape where he walks and switches his hips to either come to side or stay in half-guard.

After this I did 10 mins of specific sparring split into 5 rounds. I like this part the best and think it is a good pre-cursor to all-out sparring.

I'm currently nursing an MCL injury and still have neck issues. It seems to be getting better slowly. I am pondering whether to enter the Dumau tournament in May. It's been a whole year since I competed. I've also been trying to eat differently. For a long time I have known about Mark Sissons and his Primal Blueprint but about a month and a half ago I started to incorporate more fat into my diet and drop sugars. Of course there are bad days where I weaken but that generally doesn't get too crazy then I get right back onto eating fats. I eat things like avocado, macadamia nuts, walnuts, camembert cheese, coconut oil, lard, coconut milk and very rarely eat bread and milk. This has made a large impact on my feeling of fullness after eating and I don't really get any carb crashes where I have no energy and want to sleep (this does happen sometimes but it has more to do with having 3 kids). I started at 73.4 kg and today I weighed myself at 71.5 kg. My weight actually went to 70.9kg after training BJJ one day last week. The way of eating (I hate the word Diet) seems like a good way to slowly and safely lose weight. I would ideally like to get to 68 kg for the pena weight category.  

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