Friday, 26 February 2016

BJJ Day 724: Side Escapes and Attacks

I have a confession. I am not very good at escaping side mount. Instead I rely on not getting side mounted by using good guard work and turtling when needed. There are still times when I get crushed though but those are not as frequent as when I was just starting. Oh that was a hell of a time back as a white belt, suffering under someone's side control. With that in mind I taught this lesson unsure how it would go and whether I would be able to do an effective job of teaching it.
This is what I taught:

Drills:Side mount prevention
1. Opp throws legs to side of person on bottom who frames, shrimps then re-guards.
2. Opp again throws legs, but there is little room to re-guard, person on bottom underhook escapes.
3. Same scenario, guarder frames and person moves their arm over top to which guarder responds by pushing the arm and moving out the back door (Marcelo Garcia escape)

For a great video on drills, see below. These were very helpful for my class.

2 Escapes:
1. Ghost escape (which is my go to escape, particularly versus half-guard head-down passing)
2. Underhook escape

2 Attacks
1. Far side lapel sling to kimura
2. Far side lapel sling to ezekiel choke

We then did 10 minutes of specific sparring in side control.

I don't know about the people who attended but I enjoyed the class. More and more I feel like I get more out of teaching than maybe the students do. Everything seems to click better in my mind. All the techniques I had that were swimming around inside my brain are now being compartmentalized.

Last week I sprained my MCL. It's an old injury come back to haunt me. I have to be very easy with it so am trying deep half guard which I am terrible at, because it allows me to keep my legs away from the opponent and not get twisted akwardly, thereby further damaging my MCL. Injuries suck so much.

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