Monday, 14 December 2015

BJJ Day 697: Requested to Teach

I'd finished up most of my work over the weekend so on a spur of the moment idea I decided to go to class this morning. I'm glad I did. Expecting to see only one or two people attend I was pleasantly surprised to see Matt and Yuki come through the door. They both are strong and give me a good roll. There was also a new guy attending, which I'm happy to see as the club is flourishing better recently with an influx of new folk.

Matt and Me during class talking about the Darce choke (pic:Yuki)
Before class F-sensei came over and asked me if I could teach a class once per week starting in the new year. I was initially surprised because there are other guys at the club who easily outrank me or beat the crap out of me on the mat. I've never expressed an interest in teaching although I find it to be very important to evolve my own level of understanding. It makes me think more about the techniques and how better to train so I can help others not fall into the pitfalls I went through. Of course, I said yes and have yet to decide a time and day that best fits into my schedule.

Today we were taught hip bump escapes following into Kimura. It's a super basic but important submission chain that I must admit have failed to use effectively because I've stayed away from the kimura until now. I tried to hit it during a roll but grasped too high on the opponent's arm after the hip bump sweep. Just another reminder that the small details matter.

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