Thursday, 10 December 2015

BJJ Day 695: Teaching Nogi Chokes

Our bounenkai (end of year party) was on the weekend. It was good to go out with the guys for a drink and talk about BJJ in a relaxed atmosphere. I'm always comfortable out with guys from the club, there is no bravado or taking the piss out of each other, just conversation with mutual respect. After the party F-sensei asked me if I was available to teach on Wednesday and despite hating to train at night because of the cold and how hard it is for me to get to sleep after class (my brain just won't stop thinking about techniques) I said that of course I would teach.

Since summer I've been having some success with nogi chokes, especially the Japanese necktie so decided to focus on teaching those since I enjoy them a lot and find collar chokes a pain in the arse to get. I planned the lesson beforehand and taught the following techniques:

1. Warm up with 1 set of 10 double leg takedown

2. Basic standing guillotine (arm out) against double leg takedown
   -Counter to guillotine (arm out)
   -Von Flue choke versus stubborn opponent

3. Sprawl versus double leg takedown
   -Anaconda choke from sprawl position when opponent is not basing with leg
   -Peruvian necktie from sprawl

I suppose looking at this it was more of a lesson of nogi chokes versus a double leg takedown. I did not plan it with that it mind because I also wanted to add counters to these chokes and cover the Japanese necktie but there is never enough time.

-There is never enough time to teach all the techniques you plan
-I found it easier to teach in broken up stages of a scenario i.e. Double leg takedown ->Guillotine->Guillotine counter->Von Flue choke sequence and I think it is easier for the student to absorb if the techniques have a natural flow like this.
-I did not focus enough on checking whether everyone was doing it correctly.
-Teaching reinforces the feeling in me that I need to focus on technique while rolling (if possible the technique I just taught) instead of having a win mentality where everything is simply scrambling and thoughtless movement.

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