Wednesday, 28 October 2015

On The Mat Day 677: Probably the best idea I have had to get over an inury

I trained judo yesterday and today went to morning class BJJ. I've still been having trouble with my neck but getting it treated again at a physiotherapist. What usually happens is I go to class and feel good because I am warmed up, spar a lot, then my neck hurts like hell either that night or the next day. To be honest, I am sick of the pain. In fact I can't remember what it feels like to have no pain in my neck.

I basically have a choice of not training but I don't want to do that because, well, life would get really boring or I can limit sparring time. I've decided to do the later for 2 rounds. I will keep this up until next week at which point I push it up to 3 rounds for the following 2 weeks on the caveat that I have no pain next week. I plan to do this slowly instead of resting completely.

My physio also mentioned that I should think about strengthening the muscles in my neck and I have a harness for doing that so will start light to rehabilitate.
Head harness for neck strengthening

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