Wednesday, 14 October 2015

On the Mat Day 671: Night Training

F-sensei showing spider guard
I've been off training just over a week due to the holy trinity of work, injury and a cold all hitting me at the same time. It was a much needed break. My neck was sore as hell when I trained last Sunday so it was good to be busy with work while resting.

I originally planned to train judo yesterday but the high school has examinations so I decided to train BJJ at night. Tuesday is for some reason one of the better nights to train at our club. There are always a lot of people.

I've decided to attempt to train smarter. That means use less strength and only go with technique. I no longer struggle hard to not have my guard passed since I am trying to get into bad positions and survive better. Over the last year or two I have become lax in my defense. Since there are a lot of tough blue and purple belts at our club it presents a good opportunity for me to really work on improving my defense because they are all gunning to catch me. I'm basically trying to do jiu-jitsu with the minimum amount of energy possible. I think this is the best way to proceed from here.

Some things I am focusing on right now are:
Turtle sweeps
Butterfly guard
Getting my hands into a good position when passed so I can escape better
Kimura locks from bottom (looking for the elbow sticking out as a Trigger)
Half guard

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