Monday, 14 September 2015

On the Mat Day 661: Open Mat with A Dodgy Back

Injuries seem to have come to a head right now. I've been nursing a sore neck. pulled crotch ligament and now I have a tweak in my back which when I look at my toes sends out a spasm in the left side of my back. Despite this I received a call from James to join him and David at open mat on Sunday so I decided to train.

I went with the notion that I would just watch and practice a few techniques but ended up sparring and I actually felt OK and tried to move carefully. As long as I didn't invert or get stacked I was fine. I think the damage has been due to Judo nagekomi and maybe some awkward turning when I was sparring BJJ. I won't stop doing Judo though because I enjoy it so much. It gives me a lot more confidence when standing and I can feel myself becoming a more rounded grappler.

I'm mostly just working on half-guard right now. Nothing fancy. Old school sweep, London bridge sweep, Knee shield to get the underhook and turn into them, etc. Nothing that would aggravate my back. I played half-guard a lot at blue belt and it feels like I am returning to an old friend.

As part of my rehabilitation I went to an onsen last night. Got into a bath that was almost 43 degrees Celsius and just felt the aches leave my body. It was so good.

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