Sunday, 23 August 2015

On the Mat Day 657: A Weekend of BJJ

We have just finished Obon holidays over here during and after which I did a lot of activities with the kids. Canoeing, camping and generally taking them to parks and stuff. This meant that I didn't do any BJJ for a week. It was a much needed rest to let a few niggling pains heals. James is away back home for 3 weeks so I did not go in during the mornings at 10am to train. After a week of rest I started back yesterday during the day class.

There is always a good attendance for Saturday morning. A lot of guys after a week of hard work probably like to come in and blow off some steam. There is a good mix of belts at both ends of the spectrum so I get rolls I can work on stuff and rolls where I get my ass kicked. This is good.
I sparred with Ito-san, it's been a while, apparently he has a back back which is a common ailment among practitioners. This didn't stop him putting me in an ezekiel choke. I must admit that I am a bit lax about defending chokes. It's something I need to be more aware of.

I am currently working on half guard. I pull to half guard and the opponent either follows me, where I then work for knee shield if I don't have an underhook or I dive under for old school pass if I have the underhook. Sometimes the opponent wont follow me down so I have to play with reverse de la Riva and go to Kiss of the Dragon or something like that. I recapped these scenarios today during the drilling class to the addition of a few techniques I pulled from the Caio Terra half guard DVD. It is such a massive resource that I don't know where to start with it though. The more I watch it the more muddle my brain gets.

Things to drill: Counter to low underhook/head on other side pass from half guard.
1) Grab pants/belt and obtain a butterfly hook and elevate
2) OR failing 1) bring free hand under their leg and turn away to get to deep half (Yoshida3 showed me this).

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