Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Judo Day 2: Aches and Pains

Arriving at the judo dojo this morning I saw Yuuki-san from my BJJ club also at the judo club. Apparently he had trained there for a few years a couple of years back. No wonder he got really good at seio-nage.

We started off with newaza and I decided to just play half-guard and see what they do. All of them distribute their weight far too high over me so it was easy to sweep them either by using knee-shield to Shaolin sweep them over my head or get an underhook and go to an old school sweep. They immediately do the dead turtle when I come out the back and it makes me laugh each time because it really is a bad habit since there are much better things to do like re-guard. At one point I had one of the more lively youngsters in my full guard, he used my collar to choke while standing (I like to do this as a last option) but he did not consider the armbar so I took it. He should have been ready to bail on the choke.

For uchikomi and nagekomi I decided to keep it simple. I don't want to exhaust myself until I get more stamina so only practiced kouchi gari. I like this approach and once I feel good about each smaller technique I will try to move onto bigger throws.

Sparring was tiring. It really beats me up. Towards the end all I can do is try to defend. I appreciate the tai-otoshi throws and foot sweeps but one kid kept doing a seio-nage and just launching himself forward so I had to roll with it and into an ippon. In BJJ I would just take his back and choke him. My hand was in his collar without thinking and I had hooked him so it would be trivial for me to submit him but under judo rules he wins from the ippon. That part was frustrating. At one point my arm was not free so that I could not post so face planted. I did no enjoy that and it made me mad. I had to calm myself down to continue.

I just hope that I can get better with time. Learn small throws in progression and focus on the details. Always try for throws that I am working on during uchikomi. Standing vs Judoka is not easy that's for sure.

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