Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Judo Day 1: This is Hard!

We have an older guy at our BJJ gym who is a high school teacher and takes care of the judo club. Since it's the summer holidays now I sort of invited myself to train with his judo club. They don't have many members but he said I could go along and train with them.

Today was the first time I went to workout with them and I got a shock to my system at how little stamina I had. This is what the lesson comprised of:

3 min x 6~8 rounds of Newaza with about 30 seconds to allow partners to change. This was the easy part for me as none of them can pass my guard and it was very easy to triangle or armbar them. I was shocked at how long they take to tap when stuck in an armbar position. Eventually I had to with slow control extend it until they tap.

Uchikomi: This was about 30 min of standing 10 repetitions of any technique you want with more power on the last one but not necessarily throw them.

Nagekomi: We took turns to throw each other 10 times each. This was where I felt really tired. My technique is not great standing so I use a lot of strength and it tires me out. I practiced ippon seionage, o-uchi gari and uchi-mata. I'm still unsure if I was doing it correctly and they were hesitant to correct me so I asked a lot of questions. (Asking questions helped me get a breather!)

Randori: 3 mins x 10 rounds of sparring. This was the most fun for me but I had to rest more than the young guys. I just don't have the stamina. The 2 young black belts handled me fairly easily and I was thrown by Tai-otoshi quite a lot. On my part, I tried ude-gaeshi (semi-successful), sumi-gaeshi (no success) and tomoe-nage (not successful but I am getting better at this as I almost got one of them).

BJJ (bad?) habits: There were many times they threw me for a yuko because as they turned into drop seio-nage I just took their back and they pushed into me with their legs so my back hit the floor. This is a yuko in judo but in BJJ I am in back mount and can go for a choke. It's weird for me to think of this as a loss as I end up in a dominant position.

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