Friday, 17 July 2015

On the Mat Day 644: Self-defence and Nogi

I started the day out training self-defence from 10 am with James. We put on some open-handed gloves and hit each other lightly while taking turns to take the other down to the ground and immobilize the opponent. I noticed that my timing is not so good, I tend to flinch on entry to the clinch and my distance to attack was not so great. I tried to get the correct distance using the length of my arm which helped towards the end. I mostly ended up on the side of the opponent then switched to the back for a hip lock take down then tactical (S) mount. This was good training which I hope to do more and become more comfortable with. While doing this drill we both decided that a non-trained person would probably give their back very easily for the rear naked.

The later half we trained nogi for a couple of rounds. A new guy who joined, who is a bit older than us, joined in. He was bigger than me but surprisingly didn't go crazy and was very humble in his attitude and light, although he didn't have a good base so was easy to sweep. We plan to do self-defence and nogi every Friday morning from now. It seems a good mix for areas where I need more training.

I'm working on losing weight right now to get down to 68 kg but it is slow going. I use MyFitnessPal on my phone to count calories. It is a great app because I can scan barcodes on food and don't usually have to type them in which is a pain in the arse. So far I've lost about 1.5 kg over 3 weeks. My calorie deficit is about 800 calories so I eat about 1700 calories a day. Lots of chicken breasts, avocado, nuts and fruit if I can. I do stray though and eat sweet things, bread and milk, but counting calories and seeing what I eat each day really helps me to stay focused on this goal. My energy is high and I feel lighter during sparring so move faster than usual.

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