Sunday, 12 July 2015

On the Mat Day 642: Double Sunday Lesson

I started training this morning doing drills from 8 am and finished at 12.30 afternoon. I took a break from 10 to 11 am to go get some breakfast and returned to the gym afterwards. It was unbelievably hot today and I felt a little ill from the amount of sweating I did at the end so had to leave early.

A couple of guys came from a different club so got to spar with different folks was good. I tried and failed to implement the new takedowns I am working on which are tani-otoshi and tomoenage. For both throws I think I am not getting deep under the opponent enough.

I also trained with Miura today and ended up playing his game which I shouldn't. Knee shield open guard and closed guard. He pulls me tight with his strong arms so I get little space to move. I should probably try to work on butterfly guard more with bigger guys. I think this is something I need to start doing - and soon. I'm tired of getting stuck in a game of arm strength and fighting grips with guys who are stronger than me.

Things to work on: Butterfly guard!!

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