Wednesday, 22 April 2015

On the Mat Day 616: Neck Troubles

For the past 2 weeks I've been dealing with a strained neck. It happened during sparring as usual and has just got worse during nogi. You don't realize how much the neck gets pulled on and jerked around until you actually do nogi. It was getting better but then during sparring last night it got hurt again. I'm taking ibuprofen and icing it at the moment. With the competition in less than 2 weeks I am thinking about taking time off the mat. But doing so makes me worry about not making weight (I'm at 74 kg exactly for Light category) and lose stamina.

Monday I had a great day doing a P90X3 cardio workout (Accelerator) followed by 10 minutes of kettelbells. That was a lot of fun and I felt great. Then last night I went training and Hasegawa-san came from Grip JJ club. I wanted to spar with him because he's a great guy but never got the chance due to getting my neck re-injured.

So here's to taking it easy and keeping down the weight over the next couple of weeks.
I'm the handsome one in the Scramble kimono!

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