Sunday, 7 September 2014

On the Mat Day 520: Morning Drilling

About six people turned up this morning at 8 am to drill. I worked on side escapes. This is the 3rd week I have been doing this. It is difficult not to get distracted and want to do other more flashy stuff like sweeps and submission but I persist and pull myself back into reality knowing that if I perfect my escapes, I will be better for it.

I tend to find that side escape is easier for me if I get the underhook and switch out to all fours. I played around with using the opponent's lapel to create space. It can be difficult if he is holding on tight. I think that if I feed the lapel to my foot (like a stirrup) while he is holding me tight and wait for the moment he moves then push on the lapel and bring my knee in as usual, I am guaranteed an escape. The kimura escape from bottom side is also very interesting and if I can lock it in, it seems difficult to resist because I have lots of leverage. On the way home, I was thinking that I probably need to break the escapes down and work on tiny parts such as bridge, shrimp, knee in and then reset. I think this will ingrain the movement better.

After drilling I went to a local store to pick a couple of things up. Coming towards me I saw one of the guys from our club. Kusanagi. He was with his wife shopping. He gave me a friendly hello and I tapped him on the shoulder twice and said how are you in passing. This body contacting was perfectly normal for me but afterwards I thought that people around me probably thought it was very strange as Japanese seldom touch each other almost to the point of taboo. I was also reminded of how much I really like the guys I train with (even those that crush me into the floor with their hipbone on my ear). I found it weird how I sort of feel like we are a family but still want to beat up each other on the mat at the same time. BJJ is a weird hobby.

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