Friday, 5 September 2014

On the Mat Day 519: First Roll in a Month

So it would seem that my groin strain is healing well and I got some power in my legs now the only thing is that according to my Physiotherapist I have probably a tear or damage to my Transversus abdominis. I think I've had it a while and always thought it was an ache around my intestines due to eating too much or something. In fact, it has been an ache in the muscle all this time. Damage to this area means it's hard to work my abdomen area so in BJJ terms, any guard work is near impossible when my back is on the floor.

Today at class I sparred a couple of rounds with 2 black belts and despite it being 4 weeks since I last sparred with anyone, I did not feel like I moved badly. My body still moved fluidly more than anything as we were rolling light since I told them I was injured. I can probably roll about 50% right now. I was really worried that I would get sore fingers from gripping or the intense pain I used to get in my biceps when I first started. I think the experience I have allows me to relax so I felt quite refreshed after the roll. I look forward to Sunday where I can continue to work on escapes.

F-sensei mentioned today that a half-dozen guys are coming over from Hawaii and will probably train at our club. They are apparently entering the Asia Open in November. This is great news and I hope that I will be fully fit then to roll with them and possibly compete.

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