Monday, 21 April 2014

P90X Week 9

So I am into week 9. There are 4 weeks of alternating workout then the last week is a recovery week. Then I plan to move onto P90X2. My eating has not been very good this week. For some reason, when I hit the recovery week I tend to eat badly then when I train during the harder weeks I eat better. It feels like my body is moving down and up gears and demands better food. For the last 2 weeks I have been doing intermittent fasting but have decided to stop because I was incredibly irritable during the day and felt like I was losing strength and stamina while fasting. I just sort of felt like my engine was revving high with no fuel in the tank and something had to give if I didn't make amends.

I did Chest and Back this morning and felt really great. Despite waking up groggy and not feeling like I could push out a single push up, I got through the workout and added a couple of reps to each exercise. I actually felt really strong like my body was just taking over and doing the reps without being connected to my mind which was telling me to stop. It was a really great feeling. I completed the workout and went to look in the mirror. I'm not ripped or anything but I feel and look a hell of a lot stronger than I did at the beginning. I still hate AbRipper X though.

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