Monday, 28 April 2014

On the Mat Day 486: Overtrained

Since last week I've been feeling overtrained. This has manifested itself in the fact that I've been quite tired on waking up in the morning even after getting enough sleep (think 8 hours). P90X no longer seems fun and I constantly tell myself to stay in bed or skip a day - but I don't. To remedy this I need to either sleep more, eat better or train less jiu-jitsu (3-4 times a week now) on top of P90X. Since I only have just over 3 weeks until I complete P90X I will just keep moving forward with it but try to not push too hard with jiu-jitsu i.e. roll lighter or less.

At class today I was so dog tired I almost talked myself into not going. There were a few guys turned up though so I got in 3 rounds of sparring after doing closed guard breaks (Barbosa and Wilson Reis pass). I've also been working on drop seionage from the Takedown Blueprint DVD and having some success with it.

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