Wednesday, 26 March 2014

On the Mat Day 474: Sleep - The best medicine

It's more comfortable than it looks
I felt completely broken down yesterday evening. I did Plyometrics in the morning and barely got through it. Tendons in both my knees were aching (so I wore my handy knee bands to keep them in place) and for some reason I had a pain in my hip from slightly over-extending it while walking of all things! By the time 8:30 pm rolled around I was ready to hit the sack. I ate a quick bowl of granola then tried to sleep but had indigestion from the granola - was stupid to eat so close to the time I would lie down. I did eventually manage to sleep though and woke around 7.30 am.

I probably got around a 10 hour sleep and it was amazing how different I felt after it. My energy was really high and most of my aches and pains had gone away. I like to think that my body had repaired itself with Wolvernine-esque powers in the night because that was what it felt like.

I pushed hard through P90X Back and Biceps then with sweat still on my brow I took off to the dojo. It was drizzling outside so maybe it caused less people to turn up for training but in all there were 5 of us. The other guys were fairly low level so I just let them manhandle me and work on my escapes. It was apparent to me that my back escapes are the worst of the lot. It is really hard to escape an opponent you aren't facing. Other than this I had very little trouble escaping because the guys in the morning leave lots of gaps and make lots of mistakes. I also sparred a couple with K-sensei, even managing to catch him in a knee-bar which I applied with care. If I ever go for any type of leg-lock, my opponent's health is always priority over the tap. He commented that I seemed to be in good form today - Yup that's what 10 hours sleep will do for you! Hopefully I can take this condition with me to the tournament on Sunday.

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