Monday, 24 February 2014

P90X Week 1

I've been feeling like I need to get in shape for some time now. Christmas made me eat a lot of bad food and put on about 2 kg in weight so I needed to do something. That's where P90X comes in.

I got through the 1st week and it wasn't easy - oh no. Chest and Back gave me incredibly painful pectoral pain that lasted about 3 days, then Plyometrics and Legs and Back made my legs feel like jelly. I noticed when drilling leg drag passes last week that my legs tired quickly so hopefully these workouts will remedy that. I have lost a lot of muscular endurance over the years. I don't know whether this is through lack of weightraining or simply aging but I seemed much better when I first did P90X when I was in my 30s.

I also did the entire 1 hour 30 mins of Yoga and you know what, it felt really good and I enjoyed it. It was a much needed recovery. I also did KenpoX, how I hate that workout. Not because it's hard but because it feels so fake to me. That should have been either a boxing workout or a jiu-jitsu workout.

I also trained 3 times this week. Friday night was hard because I was exhausted and sparred with a guy who has just started but looks like a sumo wrestler weighing in at I'd say easily over 100 kg. God damn he was heavy but I surprised myself by triangling him - even with my short-ass legs!

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