Thursday, 13 February 2014

On the Mat Day 460: Self Defence Class

F-sensei has started a basics/self-defence class every Thursday which I am happy to attend. It fills a huge gap in my skill because I never got to really work on the basics and instead was plunged into sparring with the other guys from the get go. I figured that some day I will probably teach BJJ to someone if not have my own club so will need to brush up on the fundamentals of jiu-jitsu.

Position obtained after leg over kesa-gatame escape
The theme of the day was kesa-gatame starting from a standing position in a headlock position. Which is kind of like kesa-gatame but standing and I'd never really thought about it that way. We did two escapes, the first was block the punching hand and come out the back holding the opponents arm in a shoulder lock, the other was to lock against his far hip and roll into him to bring him down. F-sensei mentioned that Japanese people don't really headlock people in a fight but its common among foreigners. I laughed. It is sort of true. Japanese people rarely fight full stop and when they do its usually drunk businessmen flinging their briefcases around.

We moved on to kesa-gatame (head control) escapes and did the roll them over escape, and leg over head escape. After that, we did the kesa-gatame (under armpit control) - kuzure kesa gatame - and used either push to the face and leg over or the one Rickson Gracie taught my instructor which is to frame against their nearest collar and shrimp out. I asked him what to do against this and he told me to follow them with my backside pushing into their legs/backside to flatten them back out. There is also the armbar there if you are fast enough to kick your leg over the framing arm. Today was a lesson with a lot of great basic techniques that I need to polish.

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