Friday, 27 September 2013

On the Mat Day 414: Friday Training

I've ordered the Jimmy Pedro Takedown Blueprint to help fill some holes in my game. I watched the 3 videos they put up as samples and immediately enjoyed how good the instructions and production were. The fact that he showed Sumi-gaeshi which is my go to move helped because it added a couple of additions to it that have helped during training.

Kouchi Gari from GRACIEMAG on Vimeo.

I've also just registered for the Rickson Cup this year because it will be held in Nagoya where I live, instead of the usual venue at Tokyo. The end of this month marks four years of me training in BJJ so it puts a nice marker on that point in my life to enter this competition. I'll train hard this month in cardio, kettlebells and BJJ.

I am really enjoying Friday morning class so much. I feel energetic and awake so it seems like the best time for me to train. I'm also working on standup and was inspired by some Youtube videos from BJJ Scout. They are really informative and get me to think about some aspects I've never really considered.

I also did some extra sparring with F-sensei. Just nogi for around 10 minutes. I got tapped a ton but it was a great roll and I learn so much.

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