Friday, 27 September 2013

On the Mat Dat 413: Back Chokes and Escapes

F-sensei seems to be changing the format of his class a little. We do the same warm up - god knows how many shrimps I've done over the last 4 years - then he had us do rear naked chokes and a basic lapel choke from back mount, then we did the standard escapes of trapping the arm and turning into the opponent.

The weird judo guy we have at our club brought one of his friends who looked like a fridge, well the size of anyway. He probably did judo because of his dogi. I think only K-sensei sparred with him. He looked like a little too much injury for me to go against. I mean I like a challenge but not 100 kg plus of rotund falling on my leg or arm or other appendage.

I will enter the Rickson Cup 2013 so need to update my belt with JJFJ. I'm going to class again this morning so will ask F-sensei to update it for me. I'm still a blue belt with them.

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