Sunday, 9 June 2013

On the Mat Day 380: Recap on Barbosa Armbars

I attended the Sunday morning class today. There were quite a few attendees. F-sensei showed us the armbar from mount that Marco Barbosa had us do during his seminar. I am getting better at it but sometimes worry that I am not distributing my weight properly.

I did not intend to spar today but F-sensei mentioned that I would be leaving at 12.30 as I always do for family time so he urged the others to spar with me before I took off. I've only told K-sensei about my injury and since it was feeling OK today albeit a tiny twinge I decided to spar and see how it went. I made sure to chose guys I can trust and mentioned to them that I had injured my lower back, so no rag-dolling me. I sparred with Yoshida, Atsushi, Kaba and Koyama. The first 3 guys were very relaxed and just worked on smoothly transitioning to each position, no ego. Koyama went surprisingly rough on me and I thought he might get me in a twister at one point. I can only put this down to him entering the Mundials and being still in a "kill or be killed" mindset. Still it was good to spar, especially after seeing my son at Judo yesterday and wanting to join him on the mat. I must remember not to invert, that's all, then I should be 100% in a week or so at which point I can start working harder on stretching and back strengthening workouts.

Sparring time: 4 x 6 mins  = 24 mins

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