Wednesday, 26 December 2012

On the Mat Day 328: Judo Chicks

If I were to date a girl just for the sport she did, it would be a judo chick. They are tenacious, spirited and fight back until they are exhausted, at which point they lie flat on the ground with their backside in the air. I'm in the right country for such dating for sure.

We had a girl take a trial lesson last night. She took the self-defence course from 7pm and I decided to attend because I want to learn the self-defence aspects of jiu-jitsu also. She came out wearing a judo gi with her name on the back "Komura". Although, she lacked a lot of coordination while shrimping and the other stuff we do for warm ups, she more than made up for it during rolling. She suprised the hell out of me when I caught her in a crucifix and she escaped by flipping over into side control! Her balance and positional awareness were excellent but it was obvious she had little ground work experience.

I hope she decides to join our club. It will make it easier to recruit more women. I am strongly for the fact that women should learn BJJ as a defense against perverts and sexual predators. Both my daughters will definately be doing it. In fact I am teaching them the Gracie Games.

Sparring time: 6 mins x 7 = 42 mins

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