Thursday, 27 September 2012

On the Mat Day 305: The Return of the Gyoza

It's nice to get back to the gym and train with the guys without the pressure of a competition. A few of them congratulated me on my victory. Funnily enough, I don't feel like I did anything special. Thoughts run in my head that probably I was not the best guy in my category that day. Perhaps one of the guys had an injury, maybe the other hadn't slept well or was sick recently. Who knows. I just think that when you win, it involves a little luck. 5 mins for senior category goes fast and one slip can cost you a match. I guess I just need to win more competitions to truly feel that I deserve it.

F-sensei showed us some butterfly based sweeps last night. I've seen some before and should use them more but I only ever get the chance versus big guys and they usually crush me to the floor. A lot of guys turned up to Tsurumai which surprised me since attendance was zero last week.

During sparring I mostly relaxed and rolled. Thinking to mimic the mindset of Gunnar Nelson. Not force anything and just flow around obstacles. I heard that Rickson Gracie actually went up to Gunnar during a competition and told him how he liked his jiu-jitsu - now that is some praise. That's like even better than getting your black belt for sure. Not that I'd know yet.

I'm hurting this morning a bit. Got smacked in the mouth by Kondo-san who I notice more now that his movement is a type of flailing. He's good though. Moves quickly and with good balance due to his judo. My right ear has also flared up. It looks like a red and purple pulsating piece of flesh. The cauliflower is starting close to my earhole which hurts a lot. I've had bad earache in the past though which is much worse yet the ear canal also feels swollen. I should have iced it but I was so tired last night I didn't. I should get some ear guards because I get a flare up about once a year. The thing is, the ear guards in Japan are shit. Cheap plastic cups and bands that come off so it works loose. I look on Amazon US and see so many models, colors and designs that I envy them. They don't ship here which pisses me off even more. Maybe I should start an import business.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins
Notable moments: My escapes are getting better from side control just through drilling.

Things I noticed:

1. When I pass over under, the opponent uses his free leg over my shoulders to block my progress and pull his bottom leg through to re-guard. I need to counter this. Maybe by pinning his bottom leg with crossed legs and switch to a stacking pass.

2. Many of the guys escape my back mount by pinning my bottom arm and turning into me. I need to counter this better and tie it in with an attack.

Check out this video of Lloyd Irving explaining micro-transitions. It is a real eye-opener.

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