Sunday, 9 September 2012

On the Mat Day 300: This Is Sparta!

So I feel like I've been in a battle today. Fingers aching, neck aching, back, bones in my feet - all experiencing pain. There were 19 people came to class last night. That is probably a record. Unfortunately, F-sensei has hurt his back and could not spar although he did manage to show the technique. We covered the north-south choke and 4-finger in slicing choke. I paired up with Haba-san who I have not seen in ages. He is much smaller than me and impressed me with his BJJ in my first year doing it. We sparred later and I really got a feel of how far I had come because it was very easy to pass his guard and submit him. I put this down to my ability to apply pressure.

I hear stories of guys starting out in BJJ in the US asking the same question. "How do I deal with a white belt wrestler?" Well, on the other side of the pacific I ask the same question about judoka. I sparred with another 3rd degree judoka last night and damn was he strong. Great pressure, knew instinctively where to place his weight to stop my sweeps and lots of stamina, 6 pack and a mentality that shrugged off a blood dripping mouth as nothing (not my fault I have to say). I escaped his side hold which I was pleased with but couldn't really do much else with spider guard or Z-guard. I think I may have to deal with this type of opponent like I do with big guys, arm drag and take the back.

I did a lot of research yesterday into escapes, and countermeasures against common passes such as bullfighter, knee-cutter and leg drag. For knee-cutter I found some great videos below. They are well worth watching.

Sparring time: 8 x 5 mins = 40 mins
Notable moments: A couple of armbar escapes
Post-class drilling: 30 mins - side escapes, half-guard sweeps, berimbolo and armdrag counter

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