Tuesday, 24 April 2012

On the Mat Day 258: Back at It

I had a crap weekend where I just had no energy to train. I think it was either a cold from my daughter that my immune system was fighting against or the sudden change in climate that always hits me during the seasons here. It may even be overtraining, who knows. Whatever it was I am now back at it and training as of last night.

I haven't been to class on Monday for ages. So it was interesting to see who attended. The regulars were there Yuuki, K and Y-sensei plus Tete. A new white belt also came but did not spar for long because he said he was experiencing shortness of breath. He looked fit enough so I dunno what that was about. Talking of new starters, we have a few. There is even a woman who started which is a rare thing. I think the BJJ gods bang their drums every time that happens. One unlucky guy who just started managed to dislocate his shoulder doing alligator crawls! I didn't know that was possible. Another guy is 47 who has started but F-sensei said he is mainly teaching him self-defence. Oh want to know the word for that in Japanese? Goshin jutsu (護身術). Basically protect self technique.

I sparred a fair bit. Looked for that wrist lock on the higher belts who get my back and almost got it on K-sensei. Also drop seionage is developing. I go for it all the time. Yuuki was tough as always. I look forward to watching and recording his first competition on Monday. He is entering the open-weight category probably at Master.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 min = 42 mins

Notable moments: transitioning to deep half to get out of bad spots although I still pause before the sweep.  Using folding knee passes without having to tell myself to do it.

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