Monday, 14 November 2011

On the Mat Day 209: High School Judo Club Visit

After getting permission from the wife to train on Saturday morning I went off sharpish to the dojo. I knew from an email on Friday that one of the guy's (who is a Biology teacher) was bringing along his high school students who attend the judo class at his school. This was the main reason I went. I was interested to go toe to toe with them a little while on standing. I have sparred with them all once before so this time there was little apprehension about what they can do. I just really wanted to see if I could stand with them for a decent amount of time. My main goals for sparring with them was to remove grips and not be thrown. I accomplished those fairly well.

Towards the end of the class I was fairly tired because I went without any rest the whole time and they are all young teenagers brimming with energy. This meant that I eventually played bottom for the last few opponents. I did get passed by the first kid who held me in kesagatame fairly well. I was unable to break out using the standard technique of bridging into them then taking them over the top of me. I had to resort to a leg inside their top arm to gain leverage to roll him over me. I need to work on this escape more.

As always, F-sensei showed us some techniques that are useful for both judo and jiu-jitsu. We were shown how to attack the turtle position with chokes. Personally, I think these kids should be shown how to pass the guard because their knowledge is incredibly limited. One of them was elbowing the inside of my knees from closed guard. Still the chokes are useful he showed us.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins

Notable moments: Bow and Arrow choke with hamstring pushing on the back of their head.

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