Friday, 11 November 2011

On the Mat Day 208: Baseball Bat Chokes

I've only ever used this type of choke after looking at a Kurt Osiander video on Youtube. I did it maybe once successfully from knee on the belly but never from side control as we were shown last night. It's a good choke and can feel very painful because the opponent is also on your chest, compressing you until he moves to north south. We did lots of variations but my brain was just not working during the last technique and I had to be shown it again and again. I've had an extremely busy week at work so far so mentally I felt drained. It just goes to show that BJJ is not just a physical martial art but also requires quite a bit of brain power. The techniques can be quite complicated at times. I really like how BJJ has taught me perseverance. I believe I would have put down the guitar I have been practicing on after the 1st week. BJJ shows us that things don't all come to us immediately. It takes time and effort to master something. I like how both BJJ and the guitar are both endless. You can learn and become proficient at both but never quite master them. There is always something new to learn.

Quite a few people turned up so I got to rotate a bit for sparring. I sparred with Atsushi but could not for the life of me get close to him to get any sort of guard working. He kept distancing himself when I tried to hook him with my legs. Kondo was like a fish splattered in oil. I tried my best to maintain and hold side control. I actually passed his guard like 4 times but each time he put me back into half-guard. Frustrating but at the same time good for me. Plus I got to try a couple of different passes. After sparring with Tete I got him to sort out my mistakes a little. I MUST hide the closest arm in deep half to avoid the armbar. I also need to use the Old School sweep from half guard when I am deep under them.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

Notable moments: Getting omoplata from a spider guard hook.

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