Wednesday, 14 September 2011

On the Mat Day 194: Back Escapes

I knew we would be taught back escapes this week after reading F-sensei's blog so I was looking forward to tonight's lesson. The thing is, escaping from the back when someone has both hooks and a grip on your collar is really hard. The fact that they are in that position in the first place probably means that they are much better than you. Still that was the position we worked tonight.

F-sensei first showed us how you can get a foot-lock if the guy on the back crosses his ankles. I knew this from my days of watching Pancrase. Your legs cross over his, or even just a single leg and then you push your hips and stomach forward. Easy to get on an unknowledgeable person. The other sneaky move was a wrist lock you can get by holding the opponent's sleeve and tricep so he can't pull the choke back. Then using the arm over to force his wrist into a lock with his palm against your bicep area. I'll write up the moves when I get them down on Friday. In the future I plan to take pictures or even a video when I can get some equipment. Make it more of a pic/video diary of moves rather than static notes.

I also sparred again. Very tentatively I might add. The guys were good to me though and I didn't have any turns for the worse with my knee. I am getting really good at moving to inverted guard and spinning on my back. Feels like breakdancing! I do this against the wall when warming up all the time so it is second nature to me now. During sparring one of the guys who is a judo black belt, heavier than me and blue in BJJ almost injured me again. I've watched him sparring and he is like a bull. Heaving like crazy until he gets the sub. He is always out of breath after 2 minutes. I could feel both our energy revving up a notch as time went on. Finally, I felt my knee twinge a touch and I just said that I would like to stop. We did, no bad feelings. He was panting heavily anyway. I did get a really nice Shaolin rolling sweep from half guard on him though. He is probably the biggest guy I have caught with that sweep to date.

Sparring time: 4 x 6 mins = 24 mins

 Notable moments: the Shaolin sweep of course!

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