Sunday, 11 September 2011

On the Mat Day 193: Passing the Guard (with notes)

My knee felt a little better on Friday night so I sparred a bit while taking it light. It was good to get back into it again. I never forced anything while sparring. Kawai-san also had a round with me and I was a little worried at first because he is a big heavy guy. He told me to relax before starting and was extremely loose and never went fast. We tried to flow roll but I am not good at it. Doesn't hurt to try though. I really appreciate that I have these type of people looking out for me and pushing me to get better even through an injury.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

Notable moments: Getting a spider guard sweep that takes the opponent over your head. I watched the Rolled Up episode with Michael Langhi from Budo Videos and he was showing this sweep. It looks like my style and surely enough it was easy for me to do since I play with the spider hook a lot.

Standing Guard Pass Against Inside Hooks -

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