Thursday, 25 August 2011

On the Mat Day 189: Buttefly Guard Sweep

I injured myself last night. I think I have strained or damaged my MCL in my knee. During sparring I was on bottom and Kensuke was trying to pass my guard. I was doing a really good job of stopping him. I think I scissor swept him at one point but he came back up and immediately put his leg onto the knee of my leg on the floor. I think my leg was at an akward angle because I yelped in pain. It was so painful that we stopped and I sat out the rest of the class with an ice pack on the joint. I went home early and thought that it would probably be ok, just a limp perhaps.

I woke up this morning and it hurts much more than it did last night. I may have to go to the doctor. Extending the leg fully hurts a little, when I touch the inner side of the joint it hurts and twisting the leg inwards hurts a lot. I'm scared to pivot on it because it feels unstable right now. I'm just glad I can at least walk.

Ok so I went to the doctors, had an x-ray. The bones are fine and there is no swelling at the knee and no blood/bruising so he said that the tendon is most likely not torn but it has taken an injury. Some minor tearing perhaps or lengthening. He did say that the knee is usually puffy and bruised if it is bad but that may take a few days for some people for the knee to look bad. I think I may have been lucky not getting a tear. That doesn't make the pain any less. Walking up stairs I feel like 70 years old, one at a time, where I used to bound up them. Sad face.

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