Sunday, 21 August 2011

On the Mat Day 188: Deep Half Guard

I drove to the dojo amid a downpour this morning and didn't expect many people to turn up. I was right. I got a man to man lesson with F-sensei which was I see as a bonus. At my request, he showed me a lot of deep half guard sweeps. Probably too many in fact because right now they are all rolled into one huge snowball of sweeps in my head. I need to untangle them and use the ones that I feel comfortable with. We also touched on x-guard a little. K-sensei turned up late and F-sensei told me to punish him during sparring--something I can't do and told him so immediately. They laughed. The mood was good.

I talked to F-sensei for a little while because I had the opportunity. I asked him about his days as a blue belt. He told me that he used mostly judo techniques at that time and relied on strength. It's hard to see that because he is a total bottom player: x-guard and butterfly mostly. He mentioned that to get better you need to try lots of things at blue belt and not worry about other players getting the best of you. I think I have just arrived at this stage right now. Almost a year into my blue belt as it sits comfortably on my waist. I'll try to keep it in mind more as I spar. He also mentioned that he can feel someone is purple belt when he no longer is able to just "play" with them during sparring but really has to think about what he is doing so not to get in a bad spot. I never really asked about belt, nor do I care, but him telling me that made me wonder if he got the wrong impression and thinks I do. I remember wanting to move from white to blue like crazy but not now though. I love the blue belt!

I've noticed that I am getting much better at moving my hips in small spaces. Especially moving from half-guard to closed guard. My guard passing level is very low though and causes me lots of problems.

Sparring time: 3 x 6 mins = 18 mins (all with K-sensei because F-sensei has a busted ear. Should have asked K to do no-gi a little).

Notable moments: Transition from hip bump to omoplata. Sumi gaeshi throw.

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