Thursday, 4 March 2010

On the Mat Day 53: Arm Triangles

The nights are getting warmer and that's why I think there are more people coming to the dojo. Last night there was about 10 people. That's pretty good for a Wednesday night. A new guy came in late and he was pretty big and talked loud. I kept thinking he was one of those loud mouthed guys who likes everyone to listen to what he is saying. Turns out that he was partially deaf. I sparred with him later and he told me to tap him when the timer buzzes to indicate the end of the round. I can only describe him as a gentle giant type who appears to love rolling. I at first thought that he would crush me because he obviously did judo judging by his movement. Instead he seemed to have difficulty passing my guard and it ain't that great to be honest. He had the same problem with Koyama's inverted guard. I know the feeling of frustration though, Koyama is like a snake coiling around you. Just when you think you got past his legs, they appear right in front of you again to block you - fucker. Lots of respect for him though.

I really pushed myself tonight. Sparred for 8 rounds. My arms were throbbing again with the same deep muscles ache I had when I first started BJJ. I massaged the head of each muscle with a tennis ball when I got home. Maybe that will help. I sparred with a white belt guy who has been doing BJJ for 2 years on and off. Little smaller than me but seemed to move fast. I submitted him a few times but after the first time he seemed to go limp and weak. I carried on because he didn't say anything to me. Turns out that he hurt his hamstring. I stopped when I heard him say "Itai, itai!" and he limped off the mat. He hurt it at the first submission even though that was an armbar. More than anything else, I've learnt that it is very important to not push when you get injured. I felt my knee crack last night even though the position was placing no stress on it. It worried me for a second but then it felt ok - thank god.

The basic triangle chokes seem hard for me. There are some nights I find it hard to concentrate and learn the move. Last night was like that. I think I've picked up a couple of new chokes but I'm not doing it efficiently.

Can't wait until Friday's lesson.

Sparring: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins.

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