Saturday, 27 February 2010

On the Mat Day 51: Turtle escapes

Koyama-san was instructing tonight. There was a Fumin, a blue belt, and 2 guys who are white. We drilled the turtle escapes that I have done twice this week. It's all good practice to keep doing it and they are, I think, fully in my head now. I decided to spar lightly and started with Koyama-san who I told to take it easy on me because of my broken foot. He uses the "inverted guard" and it is so hard to pass his guard because he is so flexible. I tried the underhook and collar hold to omoplata but he blocked it. Later he showed me a triangle and choke from that position. I decided that after that initial spar that I might be ok to go on and spar with the rest of the folks. I just went slow, sat down at the start instead of trying standing sweeps or anything crazy. I enjoyed it. Also the first time I sparred with a girl. I think it actually helps because with my injury and all I wanted to go light, no strength, which makes me think more about the technique and what to do next.

Things I need to work on.
1. Passing the guard when I use the knee-over position and they block me with their top knee.
2. Passing the guard when clasping both their feet.
3. Returning to guard from turtle.
4. Posturing up when opponent is trying a triangle
5. Movement and sweeps in open guard

Turtle to guard position we have been drilling lately.

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