Sunday, 24 January 2010

Invalid Workout 1

So I went to jiu-jitsu last night and watched the guard passing techniques. I picked up a few pointers I had missed on Tuesday (when I broke my foot). When I got there, the guys were really cool, carrying my crutches and stuff while I took a seat on the mat. Yasushi a young white belt is really improving. It will be hell when I get back to training and his triangles. I also borrowed some DVDs. A set of 3 by Daniel Moraes.

After I got home last night I did a workout which consisted of 3 rounds of pull ups, abs and push ups. I have to do the push ups from the knees so I use a plyo push up off a medicine ball to up the intensity. It wasn't a bad workout. Took me about 30 minutes but I can tell I need to do more pull ups because my arms have got weaker since P90x. At the end I also did some left leg specific exercises like leg raises and standing lateral raises. It hasn't been a week yet but I can feel the muscle of my left leg feel more loose and sort of sagging like I haven't used them.

Back to work tomorrow which will be hell. When I went on Friday all the people seemed to pretend to be asleep on both the bus and train and not give up a seat. Miserable bastards. I expected it though. I have to take a bath now. That in itself is a task. Everything takes twice as long to do on crutches. I'm already getting bruised and calluses from the crutches. God knows how old people manage to get around with these things because it requires lots of energy.

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