Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day 46: Guard Passing

I've broken my foot! This is the first bone in my body I have ever broken. Last night at practice I sparred with a blue belt and went for a single leg takedown, he resisted and I hooked the leg with my own to try and take him down. Instead of falling back, his backside came crashing down somehow directly on top of my foot which was perpendicular to the mat. I felt my bones crunch together. I've had a similar injury about 2 months ago but my feet stood up to the punishment (it was my other foot, too). This time, I was not so lucky. I iced the foot, limped home and went to sleep. The next morning I couldn't put any weight on it and suspected that I'd broken it.

After going to the doctor who x-rayed me, he was surprised to find it broken because I was not in any terrible pain or the foot wasn't swollen badly. Two of my metarcaples were broken by a twisting force, he said. It hurts a bit now but I am gutted that I won't be able to train for a month as I was told. It may even take longer. Plus at the end of it my muscles will be weaker in my left leg because of the cast.

The only choice I have right now to stay in shape is to work on my abdomen, pull ups and sitting down weight training for the torso. I guess I could get away with one legged push ups. I will have to improvise I guess and not let it get me down. It was just a freak accident I suppose. Sometimes I wish I could wear my wrestling boots, that would have helped a lot.

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