Saturday, 19 December 2009

Day 35: More Guard Passes

It was freezing tonight. The first time I wore socks until we sparred. Everyone was the same because even in socks my feet felt like blocks of ice. The dojo is in an old warehouse and the ceiling is very high so that even with a large stove burning the room never warms up. It's brutal.

We started off with spider guard passes which was fun because a lot of the passes can be tailored to standard passes. I am starting to see things now where I can use certain moves in a different position.

I sparred with a purple belt who goes really light and lets me work on stuff to tap him. It's weird, I think he is the only one who really does that. There was another white belt who comes from Toyota. A guy of 42 he said but looks much younger. I got mount on him but couldn't finish the ezekiel choke. I think he has been doing jiu-jitsu for some years but is not so regular.

I mostly concentrated on underhooking while not allowing them to underhook me. It seems a really important part of the JJ game. I used the same basic sweep from full guard on both the white belt and brown belt and it worked on both occasions - cool!

Did Yoga yesterday to get the kinks out, can't be at a round of Yoga.

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